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Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling

Combining real-word experience with scholarly training

The Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) degree seeks to provide the academic and experiential background needed to equip students to minister effectively as professional and pastoral counselors. Students desiring licensure in the state of Michigan will find all educational requirements satisfied by the MAC.

The Detroit Counseling Program provides training to those students interested in clinical expertise who also desire to appropriately integrate spiritual and biblical principles in order to best assist those they counsel.

One of the most distinctive features of the Detroit program is its commitment to celebrating our students’ diversity, as exemplified by its multicultural environment, and cultural and gender sensitivity. Other unique aspects of the program include promotion of the growth of our students emotionally and spiritually through: the experience and integration of Formational Counseling principles and Scenario Role-Playing techniques, the completion of twenty-five personal counseling sessions and two years of group counseling experience.

Students have the opportunity to receive first-hand internship experience on the units of Detroit area hospitals, mental health care facilities and private or parish centered counseling centers. A student may also elect to take a unit of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) to fulfill most of his/her internship experience while completing this program.

This wide range of opportunities and the mentoring and expertise of the faculty who serve in the program provide the students with a rich blend of transformational experience and instruction.

Students may enter the program during fall quarter of every year. Detroit counseling cohort classes meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Counseling elective classes are held during the summers (see current online “Schedule of Course Offerings” for specific dates). Completion of the Master of Arts in Counseling degree requirements satisfies the educational requirements for licensure in the State of Michigan. Our program is not CACREP accredited.

Degree Design

Class Name Credit Hours
Fundamentals of Biblical Interpretation 2 hours
Fundamentals of Christian Theology 2 hours
Spiritual Themes in Counseling 2 hours
Counseling Techniques 2 hours
Counseling Theories 2.5 hours
Human Growth & Development 2 hours
Social & Cultural Issues in Counseling 2 hours
Crisis Counseling 2 hours
Lifestyle & Career Counseling 2.5 hours
Dimensions of Healing 1 hours
Differential Diagnosis 3 hours
Group Dynamics I 1.5 hours
Group Dynamics II 1.5 hours
Group Counseling I 1.5 hours
Group Counseling II 1.5 hours
Practicum in Counseling 2 hours
Internship in Counseling 4 hours
Marriage & Family Counseling 2 hours
Professional Ethics & Responsibilities 2.5 hours
Introduction to Research Methods & Design 3 hours
Psychological Testing & Evaluation 2 hours
Treatment Planning Principles and Practice 2 hours
Counseling Elective(s) 3 hours
Total Hours 52 hours


Clinical Counseling is the professional discipline of providing preventative and remedial services through counseling, training, educating, and consulting. This is an exciting and rewarding expression of Christ’s call to bring hope and comfort to the oppressed (Luke 4; Isaiah 61). Students who complete either the MAC in Michigan will be eligible to sit for the appropriate licensure exam in these states.

Who to Contact

Jerrolynn Johnson, PhD, DMin, LPC 248-559-1400